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Welcome on the website of

 D'el casa di Vita.

When I was young, my parents bought, in 1993, a Gaint schnauzer in 

(Cabasja v Bergherbos)

I trained 3 times a week with this dog.

Later I bought my first own dog, a Miniature schnauzer (Vitara vd Spikke)

Vita became the matriarch of my kennel.

In 1998 I bred my first litter.

In 2011 my dream came true, my first Minature pinscher ( Sangre Ciente Kissy Pixie)

With her I breed my first Miniature pinscher litter in 2015.

Sadly I had let my little princess go, way to early!!

In 2019 came 2 new Minature pinschers in house "Divita".

So, just surf around and enjoy my website

Marian Velsma.

About me: Over mij
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